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Rare & High-end Store

This store's name explains exactly what we offer here. This store includes unique, more rare and higher-end toys and collectibles.

We have now included Star Wars and non Star Wars items in this store.

High End Store FAQ


About Silver Figures

Silver action figures do not contain the precious metal silver.

As a note of interest, the price of silver when this 25th Anniversary Vader was released (February 2002) was about
$4.50 - far below the cost of the figure sold at the convention.

The convention price in 2002 for Silver Vader was $12.99. This of course did not include the cost to get in the convention, hotel room per night, airfare, food, stress from dealing with traffic and large crowds, waiting hours in-line to buy the figure - or maybe that was the fun part?




Rare Blue Snaggletooth (1978)
w/ Rare Variant - "Dent in boot"
(No Blaster)
This figure was ONLY released with the 1978 Sears Cantina Play Set. If you see this figure dated 1977 to 1985 carded, it's fake.

According to LucasFilm LTD, Kenner used a vague photo to produce this figure. It was quickly discovered that this figure was meant to be short, not tall, and he was supposed to be dressed in red for the movie, not blue. Oops.

(Red) Snaggletooth appeared in the Cantina bar scene in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977).

There are two versions of this figure. The one rare version (pictured left) has a tiny "dent" in the right front boot. This was to give a realistic worn look, but that too was changed to remove the "dent."

This is the first authentic Blue Snaggletooth we have held in stock since about 2002/2003. The figure came with a small blaster. We do not have that blaster, and have yet to be able to authenticate one. An original authenticated blaster could add $50-$100 to the figure in our store depending on condition.

Figure thus sold without blaster. Beware of fakes!

Aside from a couple normal war on the front of his foot, this one is in excellent condition.

One of the top most rare Star Wars figures. Only one available. (Loose - Star Wars: A New Hope).


Special Offer

    This item includes our sealed baggie with a unique serial numbered hologram to help maintain authenticity. Shopping cart will show "+*HG Seal" to reflect this offer.
Our Price: $199.00 - C75+
Sale Price: $179.00
Silver Darth Vader (AFA 85)
25th Anniversary (2002)
New York Toy Fair Exclusive
This item was only available at the New York Toy Fair convention in 2002. This was the first celebration figure of Star Wars 25th (silver) anniversary.

This was also the first Star Wars action figure that was designed with part of the figure's accessory to protrude outside the packaging.
Vader's specially designed lightsaber pierces through a tiny hole at the top of the blister.

For those who managed to acquire one of these at the time, one of the problems was getting Vader home and not having the saber break off.

Over time the unprotected figure had this issue, helping to make the intact saber potentially more collectable.

A solution can be either a larger sized action figure case or custom acrylic case to protect the figure. This one of course has the acrylic AFA case and has been graded.
image #3
AFA Graded 85 - C85/B90/F90

AFA Graded

Action Figure

    This item was authenticated and graded by an independent grader, AFA. Action figure is encased in acrylic to help maintain authenticity. Each figure has its own unique AFA serial number.
Our Price: $1,295.00
SALE PRICE: $995.00



Silver Boba Fett
Convention Exclusive (2003)
Autographed by Jeremy Bulloch "Boba Fett"
Includes 4 original Photos of Signing, our Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Action Figure Sealed in an Acrylic Display Case. Ships well packaged in heavy bubble wrap. Shipped fully insured at no additional cost within USA.
Read More about this figure here
Our Price: $2,995.00
SALE PRICE: $1,950.00
Celebration III Talking Darth Vader - WITH Case
Convention Exclusive (2005)
Autographed by David Prowse "Darth Vader"
David Prowse was the man who wore the Darth Vader outfit in Star Wars. The Voice of Darth Vader was from none other James Earl Jones. Includes Original Photo of Signing, Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Action Figure comes with the official Revenge of the Sith Collector Case designed to house this unique larger sized action figure. Case will contain a set of serial numbered hologram tamper evident security seals. If seals show any sign of tampering, item cannot be returned.
Our Price: $2,995.00
SALE PRICE: $1,950.00



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