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Our Universe is Expanding™ began expanding our universe of toys and collectibles in early 2006 when we added selected vintage TV and movie action figures from the 1970's and 1980's. Then we began adding other popular TV themes such as Brady Bunch and Battlestar Galactica. We now offer hard to find vintage and other popular trading card boxes, wax packs, and a limited number of sport card collectibles. We continue to review other toys lines, however Star Wars has been our most popular line.



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About (
Our saga began in the Milky Way Galaxy in November 1988 - where purchasing and selling Star Wars toys & collectibles was conducted off line. We eventually moved the business to the Internet by 1998, offering toys and toy collectibles on other major domains. was founded in San Francisco, California in 1998. Four years later, we expanded our sales by acquiring domain and rights.

In 2003, we acquired over 4,000 Star Wars toys from a high-end specialty retailer operating a toy subsidiary located in Beverly Hills, CA.

Our toy company was acquired by a privately held entity in 2004.

In November 2006, we acquired the domain name:

Since we have been expanding to include more than just Star Wars, we felt that the "SW" in SWfigures should stand for something more broad. So we are referring "SW" as "South West," hence our expanded name, "" We still own and operate the domain. We intend to integrate the sites in the future. Currently, typing either domain will take you to the same website.

We continue to make accretive acquisitions. For further interest in or to join our dealer network, please contact us.
Mission Statement

Our mission, if we decide to accept it, is to provide the most broad range of primary Star Wars items ever produced from 1977 to modern dates. To provide friendly and efficient customer service. Offer fast shipping of all in-stock orders to a confirmed address.
    Giant Inventory

Looking for something? Found it, we might. We might have the droids you are looking for. e-mail us to search our internal data base and our dealer network.
No Repro's or Customs

We only sell authentic Star Wars items. We do not sell "Reproductions (Repro's)," or "Customs," otherwise non-licensed/ non-authorized LucasFilm, LTD. or Hasbro products. We have seen many sites sell "fake" Star Wars products. We believe these unauthorized reproductions present a clear U.S. Federal and International Trademark, Copyright, and/or Patent violations. We periodically report fraudulently produced Star Wars items to proper authorities for investigation. If you are a LucasFilm, LTD., Hasbro, Inc., Disney authority and would like to enlist the service of our Star Wars Anti-Fraud Expert, please click here.
    Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

All photographs, graphics, images, audio/visual, motion picture or otherwise "characters, character names, and likeness" including but not limited to brands, text, and or related content may be copyright and or trade marked property of LucasFilm LTD, Lucas Digital LTD., Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Skywalker Sound, Hasbro, Inc., Disney, and or their respective owners, and licensees, All Rights Reserved. are not endorsed nor affiliated with any respective LucasFilm company, Hasbro, Disney, or other manufacturer or entity bearing any said rights. For more on copyright and other disclosures please
click here.
Latest Toy Company News

Our parent company has decided to liquidate all large sized items, such as most vehicles, larger play sets, sealed factory cases, slower selling items, and excessively heavy items. Large and heavy items are costing more and more to ship. Even though buyers pay for shipping, we don't always charge the full costs of shipping large and heavier items. Upper management has decided to eliminate them from inventory. We will focus more on our best selling items such as a variety of action figures and related items of past and present. Check out our clearance store for the most recent liquidations.
    Latest Corporate News 

Ever wanted to get in the toy business and have your own web based business?

Our parent company is always open to entertain serious offers by those having an interest in our toy division.

For more information, contact
customer service.

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