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EPI Commtech

Revenge of the Sith


6-12" Figures (All Series)   Power of the Jedi (POTJ)
6-12 inch+ Action Figures   25th Anniversary
    Action Figures (US) 
Attack of the Clones (AOTC)   Action Figures (Foreign) 
AFA Graded AOTC   Deluxe Action Figures
Action Figure with Cup Set    
Basic Action Figures   Revenge of the Sith (ROTS)
Deluxe Action Figures   AFA Revenge/ Sith
Gold Card Action Figures   Action Figures Sneak Preview
Sneak Preview Action Figures   Action Figures
    Action Figure with Cup Set
Attacktix Battle Masters   Deluxe Action Figures
Attacktix Battle Masters   Evolutions 3 Pack
    Fooseball Table Game
Bendable Action Figures    
Bend-ems Action Figures    
Clone Wars (CW)   Vendor Exclusives
Clone Wars Action Figures   25th Anniversary
Clone Wars Cartoon Figures   AFA Graded Exclusives
Deluxe Action Figures   Celebration II Exclusive
    Celebration III Exclusive
Diecast   Early Bird (2005) Exclusive
Action Masters (1994)   Holographic Exclusives
    POTF2 Kenner Exclusive
Episode I (EPI)   Revenge/ Sith Exclusives PI
AFA Graded Episode I   Revenge/ Sith Exclusives PII
Blue Card Action Figures   Silver Exclusives
Commtech Action Figures   Toy Premium Exclusives
Commtech Chips (loose)   Vendor Exclusives (Others)
Deluxe Action Figures    
Gold Card Action Figures   SAGA (SAGA)
    30th Anniversary
Expanded Universe (EU)   Action Figures
AFA Graded Expanded Universe   Action Figure with Cup Set
EU Action Figures   Deluxe Action Figures
    Gold Card Action Figures (2003)
Galactic Heroes (GH)   Ultimate Galactic Hunt
Galactic Heroes   VOTC (2010-2011)
Multi-Packs (all series)    
BattlePacks   Shadows of the Empire (SOTE)
Commemorative Tin Collection   Deluxe Action Figures
Commemorative Collection   SOTE Action Figures
Deluxe Action Figures    
Evolutions   Third Party Graded Action Figures
Shadows of the Empire   AFA Graded Action Figures
Special Edition   AFA Attack of the Clones
    AFA Convention Exclusives
Original Trilogy Collection (OTC)   AFA Episode I
Basic Trilogy Action Figures   AFA Expanded Universe
Trilogy Action Figures w/Case    AFA Error Cards
Post Trilogy Collection   AFA Revenge of the Sith
Post Trilogy Collection   AFA Vintage Action Figures I
    AFA Vintage Action Figures II
Power of the Force (POTF)   AFA Silver Exclusives
AFA Graded POTF   AFA Vendor Exclusives
Commtech Action Figures    
Cinema Scene 3 Pack   Transformers (Star Wars)
Deluxe Action Figures   Transformers
Flashback Action Figures    
Freeze Frame Action Figures   Great Deals
Green Card Action Figures   1 Cent Figures with Purchase
Millennium Edition Figures w/Coin   Clearance Store
Red Card Action Figures   Watto's Bargain Box

Star Wars


Other Figures


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Other Action Figures

    Trading Cards

Vintage Action Figures


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