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AOTC Attack of the Clones (2002)
ANH A New Hope (Star Wars 1977)
BTC Basic Trilogy Collection (2004)
CW Clone Wars
EPI Episode I (The Phantom Menace) (1999) Original figures manufactured in a Red Card with Darth Maul pictured on the card. Following releases included Blue Cards and Gold Cards referring to the color of the packaging.
EPII Episode II (Attack of the Clones) (2002)
EPIII Episode III (Revenge of the Sith) (2005)
EP IV Episode IV (Star Wars - A New Hope) (1977)
EP V Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) (1980)
EP VI Episode VI (Return of the Jedi) (1983)
EU Expanded Universe (Dark Horse Comic Series)
OTC Original Trilogy Collection (vintage look launched 2004)
POTF1 Power of the Force 1st Series (Vintage) 1984-1985.
POTF2 (POTF) Power of the Force 2nd Series. Commonly called, "POTF," or "POTF2" to represent the modern installment of this series.
FF Power of the Force "Freeze Frame." Action figure package contains a film clip for a movie projector slide (or just hold it up to the light).
Hasbro Largest license holder from Lucasfilm, Ltd. to manufacturer Star Wars toys. Manufactures many other brands. One of the two largest toy manufacturers in the world. Competitor: Mattel.
RC Power of the Force "Red Card." Describes color of packaging.
GC Power of the Force "Green Card." Describes color of packaging.
FB Power of the Force "Flash Back." Action figure package contains a removable frame with a tab showing two unique images (one when the tab is in normal position, the other when the tab is pulled down.
Kenner Founded by 3 brothers in 1947, they were the original manufacture of Star Wars and other toys. Hasbro, Inc. acquired Kenner in May 1991. Read More
POTJ Power of the Jedi
ROTS Revenge of the Sith (Episode III) (May 2005)
SAGA Starting in 2002, "SAGA" referred to newer releases of classic action figures from the original Star Wars trilogy (Episode IV, V, VI), and Episode I. "SAGA" now includes all Star Wars movie series and is used as a more general term referring back to the Star Wars theme.
SOTE Shadows of the Empire (Dark Horse Comic Series).
VOTC "Vintage" Original Trilogy Collection. Modern day (2004-date) action figures with the look of vintage style packaging.


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