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About Star Wars Archive

Find a complete list of Star Wars action figures, play sets, vehicles, accessories and more since 1995. (revised update pending)

You'll also find images, price guides, annual changes in figure values, and other first-rate information.

Archive is FREE for personal (non-commercial) use only.

Archive not authorized for any Commercial use, distribution, redistribution, republishing in part or whole without the expressed written permission from authorized person(s) of the copyright holder or authorized representative(s).

Vintage archive TBA

Archive Update Status:
Last Major Update: Jan. 2004
Last Minor Update: Sept. 2007
Cosmetic Update: Jan. 2018 
Next Price Guide Update: TBA 

About Star Wars Check Lists

Do I have everything yet?

We have put together check lists for Star Wars action figures, play sets, vehicles, accessories and more. See current check lists below.

FREE Star Wars Check List
Check List 2002-2004

FREE Cars Check List (pdf)

Cars Archive Update: 02-2010



Archive International


Price Guide Notes

Older Star Wars collectibles will vary in value depending on order of production runs - noted on package back such as: (.00), (.01), (.02), etc., limited production, availability of dealer stock, current public demand, rarity, variation, historical popularity, and other factors. Actual retail and collector prices will vary. Earlier production runs, error cards, and variations can sometimes be several times the listed price or more, and are included in this new Archive. We recommend purchasing a published Price Guide for complete details on all Star Wars collectibles.   Our own opinions about what prices should be are now reflected in the Price Guide category "Guide 2" and are based on actual recent sales, historical sales, and or industry comparisons. Actual prices on any collectible is determined what the public is willing to pay at a particular time and based on variable listed herein. Information regarding the Price Guide 1 was obtained from a variety of public sources which may included several notations from Lee's Toy Review, and other 3rd party sources copyright by their respective owners.  
Disclaimer: Past or present values are not an indicator of future values, such values are not guaranteed and may not always be maintained. Collector vales are subject to change without notice.   Complete the circle - please submit missing archive jpeg photos. If we use them, receive 30% off any single item up to $50.00

Please report errors or corrections to the archive:
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