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About "CHiPs"

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers catch the bad guys. When off duty, John's partner Ponch takes up disco, roller-skating in Santa Monica. Together a little flirting with ladies as they sail a catamaran in one episode. Filmed in Los Angeles.

CHiPs combined action, drama, suspense, and light comedy that carried six seasons with it's highest ratings ranked #18 in 1979.

Read more history from the original hit TV show.
Non-Profit Org. Link:
CHP 11-99 Foundation


Card Back

Sgt. Joseph Getraer "Sarge" (Robert Pine)
("CHiPs") (1977)
Vintage 70's Television - Action Figures
Biography of Robert Pine
Original factory packaging, complete. The original mini baggy shown in photos are the accessories that comes with the figure. Due to age and prior storage, there is blister ("bubble") damage most notable at the top and bottom, and/ or side(s). The original figure was not designed to be mounted to the card, thus the weight of the figure has created wear to the bottom blister with cracking as the result. Higher card wear. Actual item shown. "Punched" card. We have discounted this item due to grading.
Card C55/6 Blister C55 Figure C8.
Manufacturer: Mego 
Last Price: $39.99


Card Back

Officer Jon Baker "Jon" (Larry Wilcox)
("CHiPs") (1977)
Vintage 70's Television - Action Figures
Biography of Larry Wilcox
Manufacturer: Mego 


Card Back

8" Officer Francis Poncherello "Ponch" (Erik Estrada)
("CHiPs") (1977)
Vintage 70's Television - Action Figures
Biography of Erik Estrada
Manufacturer: Mego 


Rare CHiPs Emergency Medical Kit
("CHiPs") (1977)
Vintage 70's Television - Action Figures
Original factory packaging, includes box and everything in vinyl medical case as shown. Box C7, Contents: New, unplayed with condition, C85+
Manufacturer: Empire Toys 
Our Price: $179.00
Sale Price: $74.00


image #2
image #3

image #4

Rare CHiPs Van - Large Size (1978-1980)
Vintage 70's Television - Action Figures
Original factory box (opened one side, box dated 1980), includes original contents: Larger scale black and white (unmarked) CHP Van (Dated 1978), complete bagged accessories, 2 complete sticker sheets (as shown in images #3 and #4), instructions to apply stickers on van and accessories (or view box for completed look), plus a CHP crimefighter wallet card (not shown). Appears unplayed with condition. Box C75, Contents C8. LARGE vehicle. Ships in OWN box. (Discounted for self-box shipping)
Manufacturer: Empire Toys 
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