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  What is your Grading system?

Grading generally measures the quality of the packaging that the toy was placed in. We tend to have a critical grading system.

Since was founded by Star Wars fans, we know collectors can be very particular about quality, and we are too.

We have purchased from most every major Star Wars web site, local dealers, and from other sites to see how their grading system compares.

Are they really offering "mint condition" or are we just picky?

Many sites are very fair and accurate with their grading system. We found that some sites that claim to offer "mint condition," were more likely to be C75 to C85 at best, when comparing same grades on our scale.

Because we have a strict grading standard, we rarely assign C95's and
never assign a C10 rating ("mint condition" - meaning absolutely flawless) because Star Wars items are produced for the general public in mass, and not produced for 100% absolute package perfection. As a result, toy packaging will tend to have minor imperfections if looked under a microscope - sometimes one doesn't even have to go that far.

One may now see that we are picky about quality. We have outlined our grading system here.

C9+   Outstanding Collector Grade
C85   Collector Grade - Improved Case Quality
C8   Collector Grade - Case Quality
C75   Case Quality with Minor Imperfections
C7   Non Mint*
C65   Sub-Par - Significant Imperfections
C6   Damaged Packaging - Mint Figure
Special Note for Vintage Grading FAQ
*one will rarely see grades below C7 on our web site.
Note: Although we rate (grade) packaging quality on most everything we sell, we do not sell damaged toys. Thus a low grading will still contain a reasonably "mint" (undamaged) toy. All factory sealed packages contain mint toys.