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About The Bionic Man & Bionic Woman

The Six Million Dollar Man was Steve Austin (Lee Majors) and debuted in 1973. Austin, a NASA test pilot was critically injured after a crash. "We can rebuild him...we have the technology." The show ranked #11 in it's first year, then rebuilt its ratings to #9 in 1975 according to

Following the show's success, came The Bionic Woman (Lindsay Wagner); who ran past The Bionic Man in ratings in 1975, as the #5 most popular TV show in the USA.

Fact: $6,000,000 in 1973 would be the equivalent of $29,109,849.46 in 2010. (source:

Six Million Dollar Man
Read more history from the $6MM Man original hit TV show.
Bionic Woman
Read more history from the Bionic Woman original hit TV show.



Critical Assignment Legs
Six Million Dollar Man
(Kenner) (1973)
Vintage 70's Television - Action Figures
Original factory sealed!
1973 Fun Tested: A Kenner LP (Long Play) Toy
Manufacturer: Kenner 
Our Price: $159.88
Sale Price: $99.98


image #3

Oscar Goldman (Boss) (Six Million Dollar Man)
(Kenner) (1973)
Vintage 70's Television - Action Figures
Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson) was the the Boss (or in intelligence terms, "handler") of an U.S. intelligence agency called, OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence). Goldman handed down the secret missions to Colonel Steve Austin (Lee Majors).

Original factory packaging, complete. The top of the factory box factory box had been open. The bottom box seal at fully in-tact. The action figure does not show any signs of wear or ever having been played with. The figure is still tied to the original card backing. Also comes with original instructions, clothing as shown, and secret "exploding" briefcase.
This is the best condition figure and box we have ever seen so far.
Box C8/85 Figure C8/85.
1973 Fun Tested: A Kenner LP (Long Play) Toy
Manufacturer: Kenner 
Our Price: TBA
Contact Customer Service for current price & availability


image #3

image #4

Rare Bionic Woman (w/ Bionic Ear and Mission Purse)
(Kenner) (1974)
Vintage 70's Television - Action Figures
Original factory sealed!
Bionic Ear Feature: "Hear her Bionic ear "ping" just like on TV when you turn her head from side to side."

Mission Purse Feature: Purse contains comb, brush, mirror, pretend cosmetics and cosmetic case. Plus a Billfold, picture of Oscar (Goldman...hammy), pretend credit cards (whew!) and "Bionic Bucks." Also comes with maps, map case, code and code case. Advertisement on back of box:

"Everything is included that she needs for secret assignments and to get ready for that special date with Steve Auston."

We are not sure if Steve knows about the Oscar Goldman photo Jamie carries around in her purse!
Original factory packaging, complete in original sealed box.

Box C75+ Figure C7 (
Right arm shows paint cracking due to aging. This could also be that figure may have been stored in an environment of higher heat. Everything else about the figure seems pristine). Rare to find a factory sealed box after 37+ years (1974) - 3 years older than the original Star Wars (1977)!
1974 Fun Tested: A Kenner LP (Long Play) Toy
Manufacturer: Kenner 
Price: Available HERE



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