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Rare & High-end Store

This store's name explains exactly what we offer here. This store includes unique, more rare and higher-end toys and collectibles.

We have now included Star Wars and non Star Wars items in this store.

High End Store FAQ


We may entertain serious counter offer inquiries from customers on items priced over $2,000 from our Rare and High End Store.





Silver R2-D2 (AFA 80)
Convention Exclusive (2002)
Left Leg Reversed
This is the only known Silver R2 Exclusive authenticated with R2's leg accidentally placed backwards. Please note: Silver action figures do not contain the precious metal silver.
Star Wars 25th (Silver) Anniversary
AFA Graded 80 - graded before sub-grades
Our Price: $2,455.00
Sale Price: $999.95
R2-D2 (AFA 85)
Bend-ems Series (1993)
R2 Packaged Backwards
This little R2 was incorrectly placed in the package backwards. Believed the only one in existence, and with a high AFA Grade.
AFA Graded 85 - C85/B85/F90
Our Price: $3,455.00
Sale Price: $2,519.00



Extremely Rare
Vintage Topps Trading Cards (1977)
A New Hope (ANH), Series 1 (English/French)
Comes with Original (COA) from Topps® Vault
This item was purchased directly from the original manufacturer, Topps® Vault and comes with a Topps® Vault Certificate of Authenticity. All of the trading cards, stickers and box language/ descriptions are in English (USA). On the back side of the wax packs, there are ads written in French back in 1977. This version was ONLY available in France - never released in the USA. We believe this is the only authenticated Series 1 French version for sale in the USA, or anywhere that has been authenticated by the original manufacturer.
Collector Note: Series 1 France version does NOT have any text to the left of the packs likle the series 2 (USA) boxes have. We have history files on this item available by request.
Complete Topps original factory box containing 36 packs with 7 cards per pack, 252 Star Wars trading cards, plus 36 stickers plus 1 piece of gum per pack. We found that the gum is in the same hard condition as it was in 1977, but please do not eat the gum. Card Color: Blue
Our Price: $2,508.00
Sale Price: $1,225.00
The Empire Strikes Back
Theater Display Poster 4x Signed + COA
Custom Black Wood Framed. Special Tamper Evident Sealed Backing with additional serial numbered hologram seals placed throughout backing.
4 Hand Autographed Signatures and Original Certificate of Authenticity. Escrow service available. Approx. 27x41 Poster. Company Rep on-sight delivery available. Free Shipping & Special Insurance Included within the USA.
Mark Hamill
Harrison Ford
Carrie Fisher
George Lucas
Full Length Image
View Signature Details
Our Price: $50,000.00 or email offer
Super Sale Price: $25,000.00 - 50% OFF!


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