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Silver Boba Fett - Convention Exclusive -

Hand Autographed by Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)

w/ 4 Photos and swfigures COA. (2003) (C8/85+)

Sealed Acrylic Case Included

Background: We sent our most critical graders to the convention where this figure was available. We had them standing in line for over 4 hours, and hand picked a limited number of Silver Boba Fett Figures. Despite being heckled by the event booth staff, our own staff began to count and rejected nearly 80 Silver Fett figures as being "non-mint" quality.

The majority of cases we went through had slight to serious bubble damage and or excess card creases. Our staff watched the booth staff take "our rejects" only to bag them up for the next customer in line. This is how far we went to get a decent product for our customers.

Our staff then took photos of Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett himself) while he was hand signing our own figures.

Our staff immediately placed the figures in Star Cases for the drive back to our warehouse. We believe that we have among the best realistic higher grade Silver Fett's around.
      We had the figure sealed by AFA in an Acrylic Case. (AFA does not grade autographed items).

This is a Limited Edition Exclusive figure modeled from the 300th Anniversary Boba Fett Action Figure. Not sold in stores.

Each Autographed Silver Fett includes:

(1) Convention Exclusive Silver Boba Fett (minimum C85 Grade, Maximum C9+ Grade). Graded by

(1) Acrylic Case.

(1) Photograph of Jeremy Bulloch signing the figure.

(1) Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

We guarantee authenticity as long as the original case is not tampered or breached in any way.

Product Note: These figures do not contain precious metals such as silver.

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