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30th Anniversary

Saga Legends w/ Coin - continued

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About 30th Anniversary Action Figures w/ Coin

The last time there were carded Star Wars action figures with collector coins was in 1985!

Find specially marked Star Wars 30th Anniversary (1977-2007) carded action figures with all new collector coins. Comes in all new packaging with limited geometric design and vivid colors!

The original 1984-85 carded figures with coins are highly sought after for their limited series run of about two years and for their collector coins. These vintage figures with coin command high collector premiums up to several hundred dollars each depending on version and quality. The 1984-85 vintage coins have their own unique value ranging from up to $100+ each without the figure or card.

These specially marked (2007) 30th Anniversary figures with coins were available for only
one year. We believe these specially marked anniversary series could become more popular and in demand than the average modern Star Wars action figure. There are no back orders on these limited items. Collector premiums are likely to increase as inventory and availability decreases. Complete your destiny and collect these limited figures today!


Darth Vader (Dark Anakin) w/ Coin (2007)
30th Anniversary
Saga Legends
Our Price: $39.98


Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Fighter Pilot)
w/ Coin (2007)
30th Anniversary
Saga Legends
Our Price: $39.98


General Grievous (4x Saber Attack)
w/ Coin (2007)
30th Anniversary
Saga Legends
Our Price: $39.98


Yoda (Jedi Master) w/ Coin (2007)
30th Anniversary
Saga Legends
Our Price: $39.98


Darth Maul w/ Double-Bladed Lightsaber
w/ Coin (2007)
30th Anniversary
Saga Legends
Our Price: $46.98

30th Anniversary

Collector Album + #1 Starter Figure & Coin


#1 Darth Vader with Coin and Coin Album (2007)
30th Anniversary
Features 30th Anniversary Action Figure #1 - Darth Vader. Also included is a separate five-panel coin collecting album that can hold 60 Star Wars coins (sold separately with specially marked 30th Anniversary action figures with Coins). Open the panels to display a color mural featuring movie characters such as Boba Fett from the Star Wars films. The album is also factory sealed.
1x 30th Anniversary Action Figure #1 - Darth Vader (carded) w/ starter coin.
1x 30th Anniversary Coin Holder Album
Purchase a factory sealed case here.
Our Price: $58.88


30th Anniversary Collection

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