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About Episode I (EPI) Red Cards

These original Episode I Action Figures were produced 1998-1999 and had a red card back with a picture of Darth Maul, called "Episode I Red Cards."

Collectors also call these, "EPI" (short for Episode I), and "Commtech Cards" because each specially marked card comes with a small self-contained computer "Commtech" chip in a hard protective sealed transparent shell.

Each Commtech chip contains recorded messages, and/ or movie sounds, and actual character voices from the figure shown in each package!

Commtech Reader is necessary to hear character voices, movie sounds, or other messages on the Commtech Chip.

Commtech Readers
are also available here and in our Accessories store.


Power of the Force


Power of the Jedi


Electronic Commtech Reader
Commtech Readers allow you to listen to real movie character voices and movie sounds when a Commtech Chip is placed on the Reader.
This Commtech Reader also includes one starter Commtech chip. More Commtech chips can be found with specially marked Episode I and Power of the Force Commtech Action Figures. This is the only device that allows one to listen to the recording information on all of the Commtech Chips!
Our 1998 factory sealed cases are almost gone. You could say we had thousands in stock and now as our inventory is almost gone; collector prices will begin to rise. Pick up a couple factory sealed packages that never hit retail stores. Remember, this is the ONLY device one can use to listen to the actual character voices, and real movie sounds on specially market Episode I and POTF Commtech packages.



additional image

Phantom Menace CD
with Pull-Out Poster 
Episode I - Factory Sealed (1st Release)
If ordering only this or qualified media-related items, get special shipping rate for USA delivery. Ask Customer Service
Our Price: $24.98
Kaadu (two legged beast)
with Jar Jar Binks and
Atlatl (throwing stick & energy ball)
Kaadu is the faithful creature to the Gungan that was used to ride into battle against the Battledroids. Kaadu has articulated legs for running simulation. C75/8+
Episode I Beast Pack



Opee (Underwater Beast)
with Exclusive Qui-Gon Jinn
Unique to this pack, Qui-Gon has articulated arms for swimming plus an exclusive spear for underwater defense and battles. Opee, the underwater fish monster is about 9" long. Box set.
Episode I Beast Pack
Rare Find: Jabba the Hutt w/
with Exclusive 2-Headed Announcer
Jabba the Hutt has "real life" skin feel and "spitting action" - (fire a ball from Jabba's mouth at 'gong' to signal the start of the big pod race. In Episode I, the 2-Headed Announcer called the play-by-play action of the pod racing event!
Episode I Beast Pack


Episode I Collection

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