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About Trading Cards

Trading cards are one of the oldest but still a very popular way of building collectibles.

The oldest trading cards are said to be sports (baseball cards) from the late 1800's.

TV and Movie cards capture fond memories of Hollywood history. Trading cards are limited in production to the year produced.

The oldest trading card company who is still in business today, Topps®, was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1938.


30th Anniversary


Additional Images:
Wrapped box
Inside box
Corner tear 1
Corner tear 2
Inside flap

E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial (Topps) (1982)
The most popular gentle alien that came to Earth, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was directed by Steven Spielberg.

This original 1982 Topps factory box (complete). Contains: 36 wax packs. Each pack includes 10 movie cards, 1 sticker, (396 items total), plus 1 stick of gum per pack. Despite its miraculous ability to survive consistency, please do not eat the gum.
Our Price: $325.88
Sale Price: $195.00
Rare Toy Story (1996)
This original 1st release 1996 factory box (complete) is the second series trading card box from the original Toy Story film.

Box contains contains 48 packs. Each pack includes 11 cards, (528 cards total). Look for randomly inserted Color-me
Iron-ons (1:6 packs) and 3-D Motion cards (1:24 packs). Manufactured by Fleer-Skybox.
Our Price: $399.00


Space 1999 TV Series (Donruss) (1976)
This TV series aired 1975-1977 and depicted what life might be like in Space 1999, so they were a little off. This original 1976 Donruss factory box (complete).

Contains: 24 wax packs. Each pack includes a bonus full color puzzle, plus trading cards. We do not have historical data at this time on the number of cards per pack.

Based on box side and weight compared to similar items, we can only estimate 4-8 cards per pack. (estimated 120-216 items total), plus 1 stick of gum per pack. Despite its miraculous ability to survive consistency, please do not eat the gum.
Our Price: $295.88
Sale Price: $129.00


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