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Links to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures & Accessories TV Commercials.

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Darth Vader Mugs Pizza Man
Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Darth Vader walks among us, and he's not in a happy mood.

That's according to Kissimmee, Florida., authorities, who reported over the weekend that a pizza deliveryman was nearly robbed by an imposing figure dressed as the "Star Wars" bad guy.

"This is a criminal mind trying to think of things to do to victimize people," Osceola County Deputy Sheriff Al Dearmas told WFTV-TV of Orlando.

The deliveryman brought a pizza to a Kissimmee address Sunday night, said Dearmas, only to find no one home.

He got back into his car to drive away, when Darth Vader, mask, black outfit and all, suddenly materialized.

In a presumably commanding voice, the evil Sith Lord (search) ordered the deliveryman to give up all his cash.

The pizza man hit the gas and sped off, but not before getting a good zap from what may have been a laser blaster, a light saber or perhaps just a stun gun.

"Thank God nothing happened to the victim," Dearmas told the TV station. "We are very fortunate for that."

"But things could have been much worse," he added, possibly considering the awesome power of the Dark Side.

The call ordering the pizza was made from a pay phone at a drugstore around the corner.

"We were able to obtain some fingerprints from the pay phone, and we have sent [them] out to ... see if we can have a match," said Dearmas.

Tipsters are urged to call the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, and maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi (search) as well.

Ancient Land Edited Out of Existence

Clone Wars Cartoon Network Action Figures

Clone Wars Action Figures and Deluxe Figures

Durge (Mandalorian Warrior) (Clone Wars) (2003)


Durge with Swoop Bike (Deluxe) (Clone Wars) (2003)

"Begun delivery, the Clone Wars vehicles, has."


Command Gunship


Jedi Star Fighter

Army of the Republic


Army of the Republic

Clone Wars (realease date 2003)


Clone Wars (realease date 2003)




Armored Assault Tank


Separatist Forces


Clone Wars (realease date 2003)




Darth Vader

Luke Skywalker

Han Solo

Throne Room Duel

Throne Room Duel

Flight to Alderaan




Jango Fett

Tatooine Ambush

Battle of Hoth

Kamino Escape


Padme Amidala

Coleman Trebor (Jedi)

Darth Maul - (EPI)

Secret Ceramoney

Battle of Geonosis

Theed Hanger Duel



Princess Leia Organa

Wat Tambor

Darth Vader

Imperial Captive

Geonosis War Room

Death Star Clash


The Emperor

Luke Skywalker

Lt. Dannl Faytonni

Throne Room

Tatooine Encounter

(Anthony Daniels)





Waitress Droid


Dexters Diner


Clone Wars Action Figures

Now Available in the Clone Wars Action Collection Store

Asajj Ventress (Clone Wars) (2003)

General Obi-Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars) (2003) 

Mace Windu (Clone Wars) (2003)

Clone Wars Action Figures


Anakin Skywalker (Army of the Republic) (Clone Wars) (2003)

Arc Trooper (Army of the Republic) (Clone Wars) (2003)

Yoda (Army of the Republic) (Clone Wars) (2003)


Coming to a Television Near You

Lucasfilm LTD. & The Cartoon Network Announce: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: Clone Wars will be a series of 20 animated shorts with two-to-three-minutes running time each, telling one continuous story about the Clone Wars, as well as side stories. Clone Wars will air on the Cartoon Network in 2003-2004 between other programming.-16-03


Celebrate the release of Episode III with and the rest of the world's Star Wars fans by attending CELEBRATION III. A venue for the event has not been chosen, but there is a petition available and ready for you to sign asking Lucasfilm, Steven Sansweet and Lisa Stevens, to hold the Star Wars Event of the Century in beautiful San Diego, California. For more information Click Here!


Star Wars - Clone Wars Action Figures

Clone Wars Action Figures to be released This Fall (more data to post as available)


Young Jedi Padawan Chian and Yoda (AOTC) (2003)

Young Jedi Padawan Ashla and Jempa (AOTC) (2003)

Mace Windu - Arena Confrontation (NEW) (2003)


Han Solo in Hoth Gear (Empire Strikes Back) (2003)

Chewbacca (Breathing Mask) with Mynok (Empire Strikes Back) (2003)

Battle Droid (Red) Arena Battle (AOTC) (2003)




Darth Tyranus Geonosian Escape (NEW) (2003)

R2-D2 - Droid Factory Flight (NEW) (2003)

Boba Fett - The Pit of Carkoon (NEW) (2003)


NEW: Classic Star Wars Action Figures

Hasbro has announced that it will be introducing new Star Wars classic action figures expected in May 2003. These will be the standard 3 3/4" scale, will feature a new line such as Han Solo in Hoth Gear from The Empire Strikes Back (image above left). For the first time, non-Jedi character Han Solo will have Luke Skywalker's lightsaber with a slicing action feature that recreates the ESB scene where Han cut open his Tauntaun's belly to save Luke Skywalker from freezing when on patrol on the Hoth Ice Planet.

Next, we find the new Chewbacca action figure with an oxygen mask, bowcaster and little Mynock (image above right). This simulates the scene from The Empire Strikes Back, when Chewbacca was blasting the flying Mynocs who where chewing on the Millennium Falcon's power cables. Han and Chewie were trying to fix the Hyperdrive while inside a "cave." That cave was actually the inside a belly of a giant beast.

(Source: Hasbro) 5-16-03

Just for Kids (ok, and adults too)

Yoda and Young Jedi Padawan Chian (above left)

Ashla & Jempa (above right)

Hasbro will be releasing new action figure 2-packs from Attack of the Clones (AOTC) expected by late May 2003. The move is probably to inspire the magic and collecting fun of Star Wars for the new younger fans. But we sure that long time veteran fans will appreciate the new action figures too.

This new 2-pack set is expected to include Yoda, lightsaber, hover chair, and his cane. Chian will include a lightsaber and Jedi training helmet. Jedi Padawan 2-packs will have a lightsaber and a Jedi training helmet.

(Source: Hasbro)



Click Image to Enlarge

  The long awaited Ephant Mon is now available. The figure weighs about 2 pounds. The figure will not fit in standard sized protective action figure case.


Lama Su-Kamino (with Clone Youth) (AOTC)

Barriss Offee (Luminara Undulis Padawn) (AOTC)

Aayla Secura Twilek (Jedi Knight) (AOTC)


Tusken Raider (Tatooine Camp Ambush) (AOTC)

SP-4 and JN-66 (AOTC)

Rebel Trooper (A New Hope)



Imperial Officer (A New Hope)

Padme Amidala (Droid Factory Chase)



"Stormtrooper's, Here? I Better Alert Master Luke" ---C3PO

Hasbro is working on the fourth Fans' Choice Star Wars action figure. Hasbro's designer Steve Redinger indicated that this new
Stormtrooper will be similar to trooper in the past except that the helmet has a new design. It is possible that the troopers may carry shields and or lightsabers. We don't know this for certain, but will keep news posted here. Report news to SWF NEWSHOUND. This new Stormtrooper figure is to be based on drawings by Ralph McQuarrie. McQuarrie developed landscapes for plates in Star Wars and action figure sketches before the movies were created.

Take a looks at color sketches and art by Ralph McQuarrie

Star Wars: A New Hope Star Wars Holiday Special (1987)
Empire Strikes Back Original Art Sketches
Return of the Jedi Learn more about Ralph McQuarrie

(sources: Hasbro,

Commander Jorg Sacul

Rebel Pilot

Star Wars Celebration II Exclusive


Silver Anniversary Darth Vader

2002 New York Toy Fair Exclusive

This is the photo sample of Fans' Choice Figure #3 Ephant Mon's paint master. The photo sample is the ultimate guide for the execution of the figure including decoration, sculpting, and piece count. This sample is used for all photography of the figure that will be used on package, for sending as a 3-D guide to our manufacturing vendors, and for all Toy Fair and trade presentations. The team signs off on this final sample to be sure everything is correct. This is the final step before production of Ephant Mon begins.

Fan's Choice Figure Ephant Mon Update #2

The next step in developing Ephant Mon is creating the unpainted hard copy. The unpainted hard copy is created from a wax sculpture of the figure that was originally based on the sculpting input. Once a hard copy is made, it is sent to the Orient in order to start making production tools out of steel. Another hard copy casting will be painted and used as the ultimate guide for the decoration of the figure.

Fan's Choice Figure Ephant Mon Update #1

This is a sculpt input of Fan's choice figure #3 Ephant Mon. The sculpt input is a 2-D tool for the sculptor to begin creating a 3-D wax. A sculpt input denotes the structure, scale, texture, part breakdown and articulation of a figure as well as any accessories or special features that the figure has. A sculpting input is not only used by the sculptor to create the wax, but also by costing engineers to do preliminary cost analysis of the figure. This sculpt input of Ephant Mon shows that the figure is designed to have articulation points at the arms, legs and wrists. In addition it shows Ephant Mon's cane accessory that will have Jabba the Hut's logo sculpted onto the top of the handle and a Vibro-blade that will plug into the bottom of the cane. Check back for progress on your Fan's Choice Figure #3!

(Source: Hasbro)

Fan's Choice Figure Ephant Mon

The third Fans' Choice poll went down to the wire and as you know, Ephant Mon squeaked out victorious by a narrow margin over the Twi'lek Masseuse. Ephant Mon is another Fans' choice from Jabba's Palace. He is a Chevin from the planet of Vinsoth. His loyalty to Jabba stems from an interesting excursion the two had together running weapons. Jabba the Hut and Ephant Mon were on the icy moon of Glakka planning to liberate an Imperial weapons cache when Jabba was betrayed to the Imperials by his own people. They managed to escape, only to be left stranded on this icy planet. As the two began to freeze, Jabba enwrapped Ephant Mon in his oily folds. The two were nearly frozen solid by the time Jabba's alliances arrived but they managed to survive. From this point on Ephant Mon's loyalty to Jabba was resolute and upon returning to Tatooine, Jabba gave Ephont Mon the covert job of identifying enemies.

Toy Fair 2002 Darth Vader

Didn't get to see 2002 New York Toy Fair figure yet? Don't worry, Hasbro knows that most Star Wars fans are not able to attend Toy Fair. That's why they will be making limited quantities of the New York Toy Fair.


Duro was selected by Star Wars collectors to be the very first Fans’ Choice Figure. The figure's development took a year or so. Here is an idea of what it takes to create a figure from initial concept to toy store shelf, and finally into your collection.

Once a character is selected to become a figure, the first step is for our designers to create a concept drawing that includes detailed character design, accessories, and articulation. Here is a photo of the Duro concept drawing, you will notice the detail that goes into the figure from Day One. The specific Duro Hasbro was developing is named Ellorrs Madak, who appeared in the classic cantina scene in Star Wars: A New Hope.

The next stage of development is to have Hasbro's partners at Lucasfilm review and approve this concept drawing. Hasbro develops all of its toys in close cooperation with Lucasfilm to ensure and maximize authenticity. You may notice tweaks to the figure at various stages of development throughout the year as Hasbro works to create the best Star Wars toy possible. One such tweak you will notice on this concept drawing is the figures hands. These were originally planned to feature gloves, but were changed to depict the alien's bare hands instead.

Hasbro's sculptors worked with the concept drawing to start the translation from idea to reality. Here is a peek at the sculpting in progress. Notice the bare alien hands versus the gloved hands, which were changed from the original concept drawing. This wax is still being perfected, and will next go to Hasbro's Lucasfilm partners for inspection to detail and authenticity to the film.

The designer on each Star Wars project is involved with the toy from concept to prototype to production. The figure has now gone from concept drawing to sculpted wax. A blue urethane plastic “hard copy” has been created from silicone rubber molds of the original wax sculpt. When the plastic parts are removed from the rubber molds, they usually have flash and part lines that have to be painstakingly cleaned up by Hasbro's model shop. The figure is then fitted together and assembled with steel pins. Hasbro makes several of these hard copies for our internal samples. The sample pictured below already has a coat of gray primer. It is now ready to go to our sample department to be painted.

This article was created using exerts from news story by Steve a designer at Hasbro