There is much we could write about the Love Boat cast, but we have singled out the secret stud, Fred Grandy ("Gopher").

Fred Grandy's Love Boat character was mostly seen as a nice, and kind of a stumbling nerdy type. Fred Grandy in real life is a tremendous success.

Fred Grandy served 8 years in Congress, and was well liked by both major parties. To be liked in Congress is an achievement by itself.

When Grandy left Congress, he became President & CEO of the non-profit organization, Goodwill Industries. Grandy nearly doubled the revenues of Goodwill during his tenure to $1.6 Billion dollars. Read more from our source:

Part of our pricing model includes the "historical significance of a character." Fred Grandy has definitely earned the historical significance factor in the pricing of this figure.

Gopher (Fred Grandy)(Love Boat)(Mego 1981)


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