The Gong Show (Fleer) (1977)

Probably the most nutty TV show aired in the 70's - or ever. Chuck Barris hosted this game show (1976-1980) where contestants got 90 seconds to perform whatever "talent" they had - not exactly American Idol. If the (also nutty) 3 person celebrity panel didn't whack a giant gong during the act (which would mean the contestant would lose - in Trump terms, "You're Fired"), then they got their act scored from 1-10 from each celebrity. High score at the end of the show won a small gong trophy and a check for $516.32. This Original 1977 Fleer factory box (complete), contains: 36 wax packs. Each pack includes 7 cards, 1 sticker, (288 items total) with a picture puzzle you assemble using the card backs, plus 1 stick of gum per pack. Despite its miraculous ability to survive consistency, please do not eat the gum.

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